5 Biggest Mistakes women make when first meeting a man!


  1. Sleeping with him to soon – I mean I don’t know why so many women think that if they sleep with a man shorty after they meet him, he will like them! Nope for men it’s just the opposite, most men think well if she slept with me that fast, I wonder how many other guys she slept with that soon or is now sleeping with. She is quickly put into the hoe/booty call/loose category in a man’s eye!

  2. Believing everything he tells her – Will women ever learn that men lie to them to get them? Do you think there is reason why most men lie to women? Do women really think men lie because they don’t have nothing better to do? No men lie because they know as long as they can be some fantasy guy most women dream about, they can get some sex! Yes women are programmed to find this knight and shinning armor that does not excites in the real world but every woman is still out their to find that knight and shinning armor who is going to come and sweep her off their feet and 99.9% of the time it never happens! Sad thing is women will still live there entire lives searching for that fairytale dream guy! Plus how is he going to get you by saying hey I got 4 kids with 3 baby mamas…he knows he has to wait to get you in bed before he lay that one on you! It’s sad but true.

  3. Chasing or going after a guy instead of letting him come to you – Don’t you know that in the man and woman’s game that the one who get caught first loses? See their was once upon a time when men were the hunters and did all the chasing but these days women are going after men and getting hurt and misused in the process! And women are loosing big time! See most women want the cute guys and almost all women want the same kind of guy! Women don’t understand or don’t care that, that cute guy have so many to choose from because women are competing to get him which and they think well If I give him some of this he won’t want any other woman…WRONG!! Women have to learn how to let the man chase her like it use to be in the old days! Yes it can change ladies but not if you don’t want it to change! History can and do repeat itself you know!

  4. Letting him disrespect you from the start – See in today’s world women are being so disrespected by men and that’s because women are letting it happen! Its in the music, on TV and in the movies! Women need to learn that if they let a man say something disrespectful to them and he hardly even knows you, he will take that and run with it! Women cannot let a man say or do anything to them disrespectful ever and get away with it because they will do that from that day forward! Women you have to demand your respect and if doesn’t make a difference how cute the guy is or if he is on TV! See women will see a guy that they will pull down there panties for real quick on TV and disrespect herself to no end! Men do not respect any women who will see someone on TV or on stage and act like that person is bigger then life! People on TV or on stage are human just like you are, they only have a different job then you do! They are not GOD’s by no mean! They are human but women treat them like someone who is from another world and that is a part of the fantasy world that most women live it! Men see that and think its the stupidest thing in the world, but hey if being on TV will get women the guys are all for it! Guys will do whatever he thinks a woman will like to get some sex, but that does not mean he will respect you! Most of the time he won’t or he will at first then stop, because he knows he has you now and he don’t have to respect you because your not going to do anything about it!

  5. Thinking she can change him – When women first meet a guy she may like a few things about him that impresses her but there might be a few things that she see in him that she doesn’t like so the first thing she think well I like that but I don’t like that but I can change that about him! NO YOU CAN’T! You cannot change anyone and if you asked some of your girlfriends if trying to change a guy they was with or with now I bet you 99.9% say well they couldn’t do it. Remember you can’t change or have any control of anyone buy yourself!


Summary – This blog was put up to maybe try to help some women think about what they do when they meet a guy. If you like or dislike what you have read here please leave a comment, your feedback is greatly appreciated! If you want to here more on topics like this just click on the audio on the top left side of this page. Thanks for visiting.